The Big Sort Out

After the mad rush of the, weekend of sorting out the new website I had some quiet time reading and looking for new blogs to follow, there are some amazing crafty people out there!

One blog that really stuck out was Attic24. What an inspiring and clever lady Lucy is! This is a must see blog for any crochet fanatic! So as I was reading Attic24 and admiring all of her wool stash and wishing I had that much wool I thought I should probably sort through my wool.

After lots of heaving and hunting (my wool has little legs) i discovered a lot of wool, the more wool I found the more guilty I felt! Hubby was a bit speechless and I have a feeling he may ban me from wool shops for the rest of the year.

I did find a few WIP’s which just added to the guilt really!

Today I’m working on a bunny rabbit for a customer. Mondays are spent with my Mummy (who I get the crafting gene from) and SIL (sister-in-law) who brings Fairy, a cute 2-year-old who likes to “help” with everything from cooking, crocheting and accompanying everyone to the loo. Smarties and milky buttons are a great distraction for Fairy and have saved me from many disasters!

Happy Crafting!


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