The Patchwork Blanket


February already! After having “The Big Sort Out” I discovered too many WIP’s, one of which was my patchwork crocheted blanket. I’m ashamed to say that I started this several years ago and it still isn’t finished (cue more grumbling from hubby..). I heaved it all out and reassesed how far I had actually got and low and behold this is what I found when I layed it out..


A very definate HALF a blanket – an ENTIRE half!! After a bit of excited squealing I had a very determined mood come over. I would finish this blanket before my birthday (May 1st). At the moment I have 9 squares lefts to make (yippee!) And the sewing together bit to do. Now, opinions are very much needed here, do you think I should do a few lines of granny stitch to make a thick border? It’s not quite as big as I thought it would be. Advice greatly appreciated!


With the help of my trusty notebook I begin to write a list of WIP’s. I can’t show you the list as it is shameful!! But I do like writing lists (I have a thing about lists), of course with lists comes notebooks and staionary, all brightly coloured and prettyful! Hubby does grumble about my amount of pretty notebooks but I just can’t seem to help it!


Lots of resting is needed with me (I have a siillness that gets in the way of day to day things but I always manage some kind of crafty thing to keep me occupied! Buttons for example. Pretty bright buttons that can be used on my crochet!


My stash is looking a little low but hopefully it will soon grow! I love the jar too.. I did have to wait for hubby to eat the sweets that were in it first though!

After browsing through lots of crafty blogs on here and adding a ton of blogs to follow I’m thinking I should get going on more crochet squares, they keep looking at me and I’m ignoring them but can see them from the corner of my eye. Need a bit of motivation I think!

Please feel free to comment below and say Hi with any patchwork blanket solutions! I’m always looking for new crafty blogs to follow so let me know your blog name too!

Happy Crafting!



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