When in doubt, go shopping..

Remember The Patchwork Blanket? The one with only 9 squares to go (well, 4 now actually!) I ran out of wool… I was all keen and on a roll and then the end of the wool slipped through my fingers leaving me gawping at it like a goldfish thinking, “this can’t be true!!”

After lots of not very nice words it was time to solve the wool situation which was going to be really easy as it’s a very common brand of wool…or so I thought. To cut a tedious story short, 4 shops later and no wool. I did however find some pretty things!


Cupcake bag, very handy for hydro/swimming as its all waterproof! Some pretty ribbon for my stash! Some pretty Cath Kidston tissues which I don’t want to use as they are too pretty, perhaps I can just look at them instead?!

New shopping list for fridge, cupcakes of course! I thought it was really pretty and fits in with my kitchen well.

Before the shopping event I had hydro (I go to the hospital twice a week because of an illness I have, I’d rather talk about pretty things though!) I also had Fairy over with her Mummy and my Mummy (they help me with house things due to silly illness I mentioned up there). So anyway, at the moment I am Fairy’s best friend which is lovely as she is super cute and cuddle and is still young enough to have that small child smell (the nice sort!) Fairy loves her music which really pleases me (I’m a musician) and I thought it was time to show her the piano.

Her little hands were very gently pressing one key at a time, very impressive for a 2 1/2 year old! She budged me off the piano stool and told me “I show you properly Aunty Holly.” I asked her if she liked my playing, “No.” Ah, alright then..

I’m on a crafting challenge tonight, hopefully you will see what I’m talking about soon!
Happy Crafting!


4 thoughts on “When in doubt, go shopping..

  1. Hi Holly! How lovely to find such a new blog… very exciting isn’t it! Welcome to bloggy-land 🙂 I can’t believe your huge stash.. I thought mine was big.. but oh my goodness yours nearly covers your bed! I hope you do finish that crochet blanket soon.. it looks amazing already.. it must have taken hours! I’ll be back…to see it done… :)x

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