I am going to be a Mummy!!

Eeeeek!! Very exciting news to share with you. Our sprog has caused every kind of emotion to flood my body these past few weeks but I am now brave enough to say the M word which makes it very real!

As some of you know we live in a lovely Victorian house which we are renovating. Due to sprog this is now going full steam ahead which is mad and stressful but I will so happy when our home is more baby safe… just think, I will have carpets!!!!! Amazing..

The other thing we realised is how much stuff something so small needs, so we have been trawlling the charity shops to see what we can pick up andmy crochet hook has been busy inbetween feeling pukey.


Finished ripply blanket for sprog!!

I’m currently looking through ravelry to find neutral baby things to make. I found a lovely crocheted hat in the shape of an owl but it uses bulky yarn, something which I don’t have, might need to do a shopping trip..

If anyone has any patterns they have found online could you let me know? A lot of baby stuff is beautifully knitted and although I can knit the baby will probably be 11 by the time I finish! If only I was a fast knitter!!

So there we go, I’m going to be a Mummy!



3 thoughts on “I am going to be a Mummy!!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! How exciting! I’ll tell you now having children just multiples the craftiness and homemaking by a million. I’ve found that since having children I just want to make so much to give them a nice home and lovely memories. My 3 year old has already told me that she has dreamt I was crocheting (or knitting as she calls it) with her – I think that’s a good memory to have.

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