Baby booties..or booty really!


I haven’t gone completely baby mad just yet but I have finished 2 more baby things since my last post. As you can see above it’s something knitted!! It’s very rare that I get knitting needles out as I’m just not very good at it! Want to see?!


One baby booty!! And yes, only one at the moment, I’m still recovering from deciphering the knitting pattern!

Just before the booty fiasco I came across this pattern on Ravelry. My Dad mentioned that if I were to make my new born wear this particular item of clothing he felt he would need to inform social services….how rude! I thought it was super cute! What do you think?


Yup! It’s an owl hat with tassles!!!

So that’s what I’ve been up too, inbetween being ill, I managed to catch a bug but feeling better now. Hope all you Mummy’s are looking forward to Mother’s Day – very strange to think that will be me too next year!!

Happy crafting!
Holly xxx


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