Proper update with lots of photos!

This is attempt 2 at this post. WordPress crashed as i got to the end, not impressed!!

Anyway, life has been hetic with house renovations and lupus being a bit naughty but in-between all that i did a few bits of baking and crafting. This post will be more pictures than words as i’m recovering still from lupus fatigue.


So in March it was mainly baking, only a couple of things due to hetic life things but here we go..


Mothers Day cupcake orders were done, very sweet and pretty!


An Xbox birthday cake for a customer.


Moving into April was exciting as my Mum bought a new sewing machine and has passed her other one to me!! Cue lots of happy dancing from the sofa (was still poorly..) so i started planing sewing projects and when i was a bit more upright i started! Here is what i made.. 


Wool bag which was quilted, this is my first non quilt project and i was a tiny bit proud of myself with how it turned out!


Peg bag! Can you tell i had left over material?!


A purse that isn’t finished yet as i need to sew buttons on. I plan to make lots of these in pretty colours for my next craft fair.

Then it was time to get ready for Easter things!


This is for my family. I made the little paper baskets, so easy to do and very sweet!


And finally an Easter cake for our family tea tonight.

Hope everyone is well and have a good and happy Easter!

Next post will be all about colouring!! I can’t be the only adult who likes to colour?!

Happy Crafting!



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