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A guilty hello..

Hello All,

I feel like a bad blogger, i promised lots of photos and I don’t have lots of photos 😦 I am very sorry, my excuse is that I haven’t finished a lot of the things I have talked about in the previous post so as of yet not much to show you!

I have a couple of photos of mini things I have been doing! So I might redeem myself.


One very cute little baby hat!


I just wanted to prove that I have actually been doing something! This is a wip of a baby jumper. (I feel I should add that you can glimpse baby bump in this photo and it is not the result of too much cake!)




I love to colour so here are a few colourings that I have done. Does anyone else here colour? I spent a long time looking through the internet to find more complex colouring patterns rather than children’s colouring books – I did manage to find a few thankfully as I have done the patterns above quite a few times. I’ll post more of the colourings next time.

And now onto Ravelry News! So, first of all, who is on ravelry here? Would be good to befriend you 🙂 Have you heard about the Ravelympics? I have joined Team Cold Sheep and am lookng at events to take part in.

With some of my birthday money I really wanted a set of knitting needles and after getting advice from Knitting Goddess Jazz I have decided on some KnitPro needles, I was very tempted by the KnitPro Trendz but I love my bamboo so found a starter set that had acrylic, bamboo and metal circulars (one of each) which are from the Trendz, Symfonie and Nova sets. I will let you know how I get on with those! What needles to other knitting people use?

Anyway, that’s all I will ramble on about but please feel free to answer any of my questions by commenting below – it would be nice to hear from you!

Happy Crafting
Holly & Bump!


May! The Birthday Month!

May is manic in our family. It’s pretty much everybodies birthday’s so it’s very hetic and often involves a lot of cake.

We have also had a lot of house building work going on this past month which has made things a little stressful – I can’t wait for us to have our home back again.

In crafty news I have been making some things for my next craft fair which is in Tavistock, Devon on May 19th. It sort of creeped up on me and sent me into a slightly manic crafting frenzy. I will post photos when I have completed me stash!

I started a new wavy blanket for a family member – all pinks which is very nice! I really hoped to make one for the fair but I’m not sure if I am going to have time which is really frustrating.

My mum gave me her sewing machine as she has a new one and it was recently serviced – it only needed a sprin replacing and oiling so I was really pleased and it’s very smooth to use now!

The last crafty thing I have been working on is a play mat for our own sproglet – I love the material I picked out – it’s very bright and colourful and is also very nearly finished!

I feel my next post will be picture heavy of pretty crafty things but I’m sorry for no photos this time around.


Hope you have all been happy crafting away!