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It’s a baby boy!


Well,we found out we are having a baby boy! Very excited! He will be referred to on here as Little H 🙂

In crafting news i’ve been ploughing on with a hat for Little H, it’s my firsts attempt at using circular needles, knitting in the round and using the magic circle method, i’m not one to do things a step at a time!

I have also just made this for our new neighbours:


I’ve also been doing lots of scrapbooking which has been nice.

Now we know that Little H is a little boy i really want to knit a scarecrow for him. Remember these?


I’m lucky enough to have an original copy of the pattern. For those who read my blog you will all know what a challenge this will be as my brain doesn’t really comprehend knitting! I will keep you updated with all the disasters my progress! Has anyone made the scarecrows before?

Happy crafting!
Holly and Little H in bump form!



Hello all,

I have spent my time finishing up 2 WIP’s since my last post so feeling pretty happy with myself!

First was the baby jumper..


I started that jumper a couple of years ago where i first tried out knitting so pretty pleased with how its turned out!

The next WIP i finished was a quilted play mat for our future sprog..


Nice and colourful!

I have started a baby hat on my new circular knitting needles to get use to knitting in the round using the magic loop method, for a first attempt its going ok, pictures of that soon!

On a personal note i’ve had a few poorly days but managed a lovely day trip out today involving a steam train and a carvery at a haunted pub! My mum bought me this gingerbread man to help with poorliness, mummy’s are the best!


Happy crafting and let me know what you have been crafting lately 🙂

Holly and bump