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A Bit of Cross Stitch

I don’t usually post much on cross stitching. I really love it but it takes me so long to finish a project, i try to stick to smaller designs. This one below I finished quickly, only a few days which is a record for me (I was bedbound which helped me get it done, everything else was out of reach!!)


It’s for my Mum’s birthday. It looks all pretty framed up! I’m very pleased!

I usually give all my cross stitches away as presents but I made a point of making one for my kitchen as I completely fell in love with it, it’s a recipe for Gingerbread Men!


Not the best photo i’m afraid but you can make it out.

More posts soon about other crafty things I have been up to!

Happy Crafting!
Holly and bump


The Filofax bug

I’m currently not too well (I’m sure you get bored of me saying that) it seems the pregnancy is starting to take its toll on my body with the Lupus as well.

Anyway, to counter act ‘feeling sorry for myself’ feelings I thought i would do a low energy crafty activity. I LOVE stationary, it’s quite ridiculous really, but i just can’t resist pretty pens, papers and notebooks and stickers, the list goes on! I also wanted to give my filofax a bit of a make over.

I very randomly googled ‘personalizing your Filofax’  and oh my goodness…. there seems to be a whole movement/culture/THING all about how to do this!! Who would have thought?! Needless to say I have spent the past few days in Filofax crafty heaven.

I got a lot of inspiration from several blogs and websites which i will list at the bottom to spread the Filofax crafty love.

So, my Filofax, it’s a personal size one but apart from that I couldn’t tell you it’s name, it’s usually referred to as ‘my external brain’.


I cross stitched an elastic bookmark years ago and it still works really well! It wraps around the Filofax.


On the dividers i have pretty paper and cute pictures.


The diary pages i’ve mainly just coloured them in different ways but still looking for ideas for these pages.


More picture drawings for the diary section.


Note paper headers. I got this idea from one of the blogs below but most people use washi tape. I couldn’t get to mine so i just used pretty papers and double sided tape.


My To Do pages are a bit more colourful now with the same ideaasabove withthe pretty headers.


My website page has a list of blogs to follow at the moment. I think a few stickers here and there will make it prettier.

All of the ideas above and inspiration came from the following places:

Some great links up there so check them out!

If anyone else is blogging about their Filofax then leave me a link below as i’m still after ideas and inspiration!

Happy Crafting

Holly and Bump