Christmas time

It’s been busy here at The Burrow with baby and therefore not much crafting, but I see crafting on the horizon as the little one is starting to get into a routine and dare I say it, has even started longer stretches at night where he is only waking once. Exciting times with lots of “touch wood” being whispered!

So in the meantime I thought I would post about christmas on my spangly new phone (lets hope this works!) Christmas to me is all about family ans we are all a close bunch over here. We host our famous family get together 2 weeks before Christmas for both sides of the family. It usually consists of lots of food and games with prizes and this year I think “pass the baby” will feature strongly!

So this get together is next week which meant this weekend was spent decorating the house.


I love these! This year they can sit on a mantle piece!


Sweetie jars…it’s not really Christmas without these.


I’ve had an advent candle ever since I was little, very exciting watching it get smaller and smaller! You can just see my snow globe there too, it really is very pretty and special as it’s a musical one!


A must have for this year!


My Christmas pudding plate! I was pretty pleased with how this one turned out after a trip to Clay Art in Plymouth!


My newly decorated front room looks very cosy this year. I like the bunting over the mirror too, very festive!


The joy of living in a Victorian house is the staircase. Although our hallway is yet to be rennovated I still make an effort with the greenery up the stairway.

So that is Christmas at The Burrow! Now to plan the family get together menu! I always do the pudding side of things 🙂


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