Christmas Crafts

I’ve managed to grab a few moments this past week to get some Christmas crafts done. Each year I alway try to make my own Christmas wreath with things from my Mum’s garden. Last year I used some corkscrew willow to make the wreath base. The trick is to do it when it is still flexible snd yhen let it dry out into the ring shape. It’s lasted 2 years so far!.

After gathering a load of greenery – mainly ivy as a base, I added some more decrative bits and pieces including some beads and a ribbon.


Last year I used those battery powered LED lights which was great but this year I went for a more natural look and the lights have been added to a vase of corkscrew willow in our fireplace.

The other craft I always try and fit in is pomanders..I think I have the name and spelling right. But it’s the orange and cloves thing! It always gets very sticky but smells lovely! I managed to get 3 done before the little one demanded my attention.


Simple but effective!

The last thing I always try to make is truffles..not had the chance yet, perhaps this weekend?!

Happy Christmas Crafting!


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