2013 Crafty Things and the Dreaded UFO’s

2013! Like many people I have been thinking about resolutions or promises etc for this year. I eventually came up with this:

1) Finish my join as you go Granny square blanket.


2) Try out some weaving with my new weaving frame.

3) Use my new Iris folding books. I have one for paper Iris Folding and one for Iris quilting.


4) Make some clothes for my little boy. Be that sewing or knitting or cochet, just home made!


And lastly, but the most important…

5) Be the best Mummy I can to my son.


So that is the plan! No doubt there will be other side projects on the go!

Leave a link below to your New Year plans, it would be great to know what other crafters have lined up!


5 thoughts on “2013 Crafty Things and the Dreaded UFO’s

  1. The iris folded angel is really unusual,i’ve not seen that design before. Also your son is really cute,looks so full of energy in that 1st photo.

  2. i agree with the being a good mum resolution, i am also going to lose weight,move house ,get a job, and craft as much as i can. i have started a ripple blanket then i think i shall make some smaller bits before i attempt a granny stripe blanket if i get these things done i will be happy. good luck with ur resolutions :-)x

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