Blog Award!


I have been given an award by a lovely blogger who blogs here. Thank you for the award! The way this works is that I now have to reveal 11 random facts about myself – stand by!

  1. I feel like I have aged before my time.
  2. I have an ‘invisible illness’ called Lupus (yes the same one on House where he always says ‘it’s never Lupus’….well actually it is for me.
  3. Despite my illness I have a music degree, work as much as i can as a musician/teacher, got married and recently had a beautiful baby boy.
  4. I am a part time wheelchair user which some people find hard to understand.
  5. I have a ridiculous amount of hobbies…mainly craft themed.
  6. I think about things too much.
  7. I love antique shops!
  8. I am partially deaf but you probably couldn’t tell as I learnt lip reading.
  9. I learnt BSL (British Sign Language) in case my hearing got worse but also so I could talk to some of the children I work with.
  10. I much prefer chocolate to sweets.
  11. I love going to National Trust houses…see what I mean by point number 1 now?!

Now, 11 actual questions:

1  What are you most proud of?  Giving birth to my son.

2  What makes you happy?  Being with my husband and little boy.

3  Your most prized possession?  My home.

4  What are you afraid of?  Loosing my family.

5  Why do you blog?  I like to look back and see the crafty things I have made over time but I also like making friends as I don’t go out much due to my illness.

6  How would you describe your style?  I don’t think I have style!? But I like to look nice and not scruffy.

What are you most grateful for? My son being born healthy as we were told to expect otherwise.

8  Best book you have ever read?  I’m a huge bookworm so I don’t think I can just pick one – I love books full stop!

9  What food do you hate?  Eggs.

10  Your favourite ‘guilty pleasure’ song?  I have a CD called That’s What I call Disney Now...

11  Your favourite holiday?  I don’t mind, as long as it’s with my family.

Now to nominate 11 blogs I like: (I am still new to blogging so I will pick my top 3 instead)

1) Attic24.

2) Strawberry Mouse Crafts.

3) creative pixie.


2 thoughts on “Blog Award!

  1. Wow, your random facts are so insightful (we actually have a few things in common). I too am old before my time and love taking my children to National Trust properties. Thanks for the nomination!

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