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My little viking <3

My beautiful boy was 6 months old yesterday – how the time has gone I have no idea!

So this is a quick post to show how quick he has grown.


A few hours old and very peaceful!


Still looking cute now in his crochet viking hat i made him…but…


….not so peaceful!!

Love you more than you can possibly imagine my little Harry bear. Happy half birthday! xxxx


Now that Easter is over..

Hope you all had a good Easter? I can show you the little bits I made over Easter.



These were little egg cozies I made.


I also managed to made a couple of Iris Folding cards – I really like doing this but it takes a lot of time – something which is not very available with a 5 month old!

I was also the winner of a blog competition from Strawberry Mouse Crafts.


Thank you so much to Laura – the photo doesn’t do it justice – it really is beautiful.

My next post is about something that is very important to me so please please check back and then share…hopefully i will put the post up tonight.

Holly xx