My Finsbury Filofax

I’ve had a personal filofax for a while but never really knew about the filofax culture/movement – if you don’t know what I mean go have a look at Philofaxy (my links aren’t working but here is the website: See what I mean by culture?!

My personal kendal was getting quite small for me so I decided to upgrade to a Finsbury in Raspberry, and oh what a good decision that was!! So here she is..


The colour is pretty accurate in this photo.


Inside front cover with zipped compartment, card slits and wallet type pocket. 2013 5 Language diary.


A-Z cream address tabs


Blank tabs in cream.


Coloured notepad in lilac, blue, yellow, peach and pink.


Address inserts.


Business card holders or photo holders.


Black ruler and A5 notepad.


Here is a close up of the front inside space – there is a place to out your name and contact details and you can see the zip here and the card holders.


2 pen holders which holds a pen from paperchase and a Frixion 0.5 pen.


Closes up very nicely!


Just so you can see the size difference between personal and A5.

So there you go – my new Finsbury!

Let me know if you would like to see how I went onto personalizing it as many people on Philofaxy do. It is probably my favourite part! I also changed the setup to suit my needs.


3 thoughts on “My Finsbury Filofax

  1. I like your juicy-coloured Finsbury and the dual penholders. Yes please, do show us how you’ve personalised it. 🙂

  2. Definitely show us your set up! There are Philofaxy face book groups too…ones for Filofaxes in general and ones for decorating with washi tape and stickers and one for trading/swapping Filofaxes and stationary!

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