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Cake, cake and more cake!

There has been lots of birthdays at the moment so my kitchen has been a place!

Here are a few cakes that I have been making recently..



Little Bo Peep cake.




Cake for Guide Dogs.



Fireman Sam 1st birthday cake.



M&M cake.

There will be a couple more cakes coming soon as there are more birthdays coming up!



Where has the time gone?! (again!)

I think I should just titled my posts as the above each time… very very bad at keeping this a frequent thing. But my baby is keeping my on my toes A LOT! I say baby, but my once tiny little cute newborn is now nearly 11 months. He will be 1 next month. But I still call him my baby! I’m not going to think about it too much and then I can pretend that he will tiny and cute forever! He is actually starting nursery soon (sob!) and spends some time and both Nanny’s house’s (thank goodness for Nanny’s..) which gives me several hours to sit down – this is what I literally do as my adventurous nearly 1 year old decided that at 7 months it would be a good time to crawl… 6 days later he was on his feet and cruising. Nobody told me how fast little people can move – it’s frightening!

So with all of the above crafting has been snatched moments of evenings when I’m not too tired. I need to get hold of a photo of the finished Princess Doll I made, it turned out pretty good! I am currently working on a pirate doll from the same series of Jean Greenhowe. After this I plan to make my little boy a Thomas Jumper – with the Thomas face on it – most people know that I am not the best knitter (the dolls are knitted but literally knit, purl, inc and dec and thats it!!) but this jumper has fair isle in it….gulp..

I have recently started doing some SMASH’ing in my new SMASH book – I had never heard of this before until it came to Hobbycraft near me. Anyone else do SMASH? If so let me know your blog address.