Runner for baby’s nursery

In my last post you saw that i made some cot bumpers from old curtain material. I had some material left over so decided to make a set of runners for the two chest of drawers in little bear’s room.



They were really simple to make, just a bit of measuring and hemming to do.

I’ve started brain storming an idea i have for a quilted wall hanging in his room but more on that next time.

I’m off to do a bit on his jumper!


Baby Cot Bumper

Our little bear is getting too big for his crib so we have started to make his bedroom all nice and cosy for when he goes into his big boys room with his big boys cot. The only problem was that there are no bumpers for his cot so out came the sewing machine!

I picked up a cot organizer, nappy holder and curtain set from the car boot last year but as little bear already had curtains i had spare material so used this to make his bumpers! Because he also has learnt a new trick of wiggling up and down the cot i also made a padded head board with a spare bit of wood.


Pretty pleased with result!

In our little family we love being arty and little bear is very lucky to have a talented Daddy who painted his bedroom wall with a farm scene.


The last thing to add was some wall stickers that a friend of mine sent me.


There is a new carpet being fitted right now so its all very exciting! We have lots of pictures to hang up and a lovely mobile.

Tonight i think we are going to attempt his first night in his own room. Scary stuff!!