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My little viking <3

My beautiful boy was 6 months old yesterday – how the time has gone I have no idea!

So this is a quick post to show how quick he has grown.


A few hours old and very peaceful!


Still looking cute now in his crochet viking hat i made him…but…


….not so peaceful!!

Love you more than you can possibly imagine my little Harry bear. Happy half birthday! xxxx


A Bit of Knitting!

I’ve not posted for a while but i have good reasons!! I have been very determined to finish off a knitted jumper for my little Harry.

I picked this pattern from ravelry as it was meant to be dead easy and knitted in one piece in garter stitch which is perfect for a knitter like me (i’m more of a crochet person…the using two needles thing still throws me!)

So being the easy jumper that it was, naturally meant that other things had to go wrong like running out of wool and then said wool  being discontinued and then trying to find matching wool which didn’t really work so then having to find a way to pass it off as “its meant to look like this…honest.” *breathe…*

So yes.. The easy jumper in all its glory is here:


See what i did with the fake stitching down the side..it marks the colour change in the wool and sort of makes it into “yes i was meant to do that.” At least that was the idea.

Its gone into my “it will do” pile and i guess the little mouse makes it look cute and my little bear WILL be wearing it tomorrow just to say he got some use out of it!!

I can’t wait to share my next project with you whih i was meant to start 6 months ago.. Slowly working my way through my “things to make” list!


Runner for baby’s nursery

In my last post you saw that i made some cot bumpers from old curtain material. I had some material left over so decided to make a set of runners for the two chest of drawers in little bear’s room.



They were really simple to make, just a bit of measuring and hemming to do.

I’ve started brain storming an idea i have for a quilted wall hanging in his room but more on that next time.

I’m off to do a bit on his jumper!

Baby Cot Bumper

Our little bear is getting too big for his crib so we have started to make his bedroom all nice and cosy for when he goes into his big boys room with his big boys cot. The only problem was that there are no bumpers for his cot so out came the sewing machine!

I picked up a cot organizer, nappy holder and curtain set from the car boot last year but as little bear already had curtains i had spare material so used this to make his bumpers! Because he also has learnt a new trick of wiggling up and down the cot i also made a padded head board with a spare bit of wood.


Pretty pleased with result!

In our little family we love being arty and little bear is very lucky to have a talented Daddy who painted his bedroom wall with a farm scene.


The last thing to add was some wall stickers that a friend of mine sent me.


There is a new carpet being fitted right now so its all very exciting! We have lots of pictures to hang up and a lovely mobile.

Tonight i think we are going to attempt his first night in his own room. Scary stuff!!

Multi tasking Mummy

To keep my sanity I have learnt how to do the important Mummy thing of multi tasking.

My little (not so little really…he appears to have elongingated during the night and his triusets now look like shorts) is a whole 7 weeks old! So its time to attempt knitting with baby!

I chose a simple pattern from ravelry and chose the next size up…just incase! So far all is going well!


Not a bad start although I think I might run out of wool.

Time for a break..


Hot chocolate for Mummy..


Warm milk for the little one!

Long may my new skill of multi tasking Mummy last!

Say hello to Harry!

Say hello to my very cute little boy, Harry! He was born 22nd Oct at 3:08am weighing 7lb 11.5oz. It was a difficult and traumatic 27 hour labour and birth which resulted in an emergency c section. We are all home and recovering now hence the lack of blogging and crafting (although I managed to hand make all his thank you cards!)

So although there is not really nay crafty news I do have cute baby photos to make up for it!





Happy but tired little family! Hopefully will have a moment to post again soon, not sure how much time i will have for crafty things though as my baby boy comes first :o)

A guilty hello..

Hello All,

I feel like a bad blogger, i promised lots of photos and I don’t have lots of photos 😦 I am very sorry, my excuse is that I haven’t finished a lot of the things I have talked about in the previous post so as of yet not much to show you!

I have a couple of photos of mini things I have been doing! So I might redeem myself.


One very cute little baby hat!


I just wanted to prove that I have actually been doing something! This is a wip of a baby jumper. (I feel I should add that you can glimpse baby bump in this photo and it is not the result of too much cake!)




I love to colour so here are a few colourings that I have done. Does anyone else here colour? I spent a long time looking through the internet to find more complex colouring patterns rather than children’s colouring books – I did manage to find a few thankfully as I have done the patterns above quite a few times. I’ll post more of the colourings next time.

And now onto Ravelry News! So, first of all, who is on ravelry here? Would be good to befriend you 🙂 Have you heard about the Ravelympics? I have joined Team Cold Sheep and am lookng at events to take part in.

With some of my birthday money I really wanted a set of knitting needles and after getting advice from Knitting Goddess Jazz I have decided on some KnitPro needles, I was very tempted by the KnitPro Trendz but I love my bamboo so found a starter set that had acrylic, bamboo and metal circulars (one of each) which are from the Trendz, Symfonie and Nova sets. I will let you know how I get on with those! What needles to other knitting people use?

Anyway, that’s all I will ramble on about but please feel free to answer any of my questions by commenting below – it would be nice to hear from you!

Happy Crafting
Holly & Bump!