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How time has gone on!

I’m having one of those “I’ve finally sat down” moments. It’s been a while – 2 months to be precise considering my last post was about my little boy being 6 months old and he is now a cheeky 8 month old who is trying to crawl and drooling everywhere with teething!


Craft wise it’s been slow but steady progress. I have been working on a doll knitting pattern by Jean Greenhowe which I blogged about here. She is coming along steadily now but I need to speed up as she is a birthday present for my niece who’s birthday is in July. Here she is so far:




And here is her dress:




So that’s where I am with wooly stuff.


In other crafty news I have tried my hand at Fimo again and had some fun making lots of keyrings inspired by youtube videos, but here is an example:



Quite cute and fun to make..


It was also my niece’s birthday and my sister in law’s birthday so I made two different cakes:




One Fairy Castle for for a fairy!




And a jewelry box. Still can’t work out how I made both of these in one afternoon!?!?


That’s about it for now but I am about to do some draft posts on Filoxfax and also The Leather Satchel Company where my very special bag was made for me!!


Happy Crafting! 


Easter Sale

I have some things for sale on my facebook page for Easter. Egg Cozies!! Go take a look!



Link to sale is here!

Next post will be about my lovely blog competition prize from Strawberry Mouse Crafts!

A sneaky peak of Easter!

I have finally (!) finished all the owl hats.. I had quite a few to make as they were pretty popular on my facebook page (under the same name: Holly’s Creative Crafts)

So onto the next thing.. Easter!! I do know that Mother’s Day is first but as this will be my first year being a Mummy I want to spend it just being a Mummy and not worrying about any crafty orders. So Easter it is!!

I’ve had a few ideas but finally settled on one…here is a sneaky peak..


I would love to get a few more followers really…then perhaps I will do a giveaway. I feel like I am talking to myself a lot on here! Don’t be shy…say hello :o)

Blog Award!


I have been given an award by a lovely blogger who blogs here. Thank you for the award! The way this works is that I now have to reveal 11 random facts about myself – stand by!

  1. I feel like I have aged before my time.
  2. I have an ‘invisible illness’ called Lupus (yes the same one on House where he always says ‘it’s never Lupus’….well actually it is for me.
  3. Despite my illness I have a music degree, work as much as i can as a musician/teacher, got married and recently had a beautiful baby boy.
  4. I am a part time wheelchair user which some people find hard to understand.
  5. I have a ridiculous amount of hobbies…mainly craft themed.
  6. I think about things too much.
  7. I love antique shops!
  8. I am partially deaf but you probably couldn’t tell as I learnt lip reading.
  9. I learnt BSL (British Sign Language) in case my hearing got worse but also so I could talk to some of the children I work with.
  10. I much prefer chocolate to sweets.
  11. I love going to National Trust houses…see what I mean by point number 1 now?!

Now, 11 actual questions:

1  What are you most proud of?  Giving birth to my son.

2  What makes you happy?  Being with my husband and little boy.

3  Your most prized possession?  My home.

4  What are you afraid of?  Loosing my family.

5  Why do you blog?  I like to look back and see the crafty things I have made over time but I also like making friends as I don’t go out much due to my illness.

6  How would you describe your style?  I don’t think I have style!? But I like to look nice and not scruffy.

What are you most grateful for? My son being born healthy as we were told to expect otherwise.

8  Best book you have ever read?  I’m a huge bookworm so I don’t think I can just pick one – I love books full stop!

9  What food do you hate?  Eggs.

10  Your favourite ‘guilty pleasure’ song?  I have a CD called That’s What I call Disney Now...

11  Your favourite holiday?  I don’t mind, as long as it’s with my family.

Now to nominate 11 blogs I like: (I am still new to blogging so I will pick my top 3 instead)

1) Attic24.

2) Strawberry Mouse Crafts.

3) creative pixie.

2013 Crafty Things and the Dreaded UFO’s

2013! Like many people I have been thinking about resolutions or promises etc for this year. I eventually came up with this:

1) Finish my join as you go Granny square blanket.


2) Try out some weaving with my new weaving frame.

3) Use my new Iris folding books. I have one for paper Iris Folding and one for Iris quilting.


4) Make some clothes for my little boy. Be that sewing or knitting or cochet, just home made!


And lastly, but the most important…

5) Be the best Mummy I can to my son.


So that is the plan! No doubt there will be other side projects on the go!

Leave a link below to your New Year plans, it would be great to know what other crafters have lined up!

A Very Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot and although few people read it, I do enjoy typing away and keeping track of my crafty things so after a bit of thinking I’ve decided to plough on with it!

I’m hoping tomorrow I can do a summary of crafty things on the go and also talk about my new found crafty adventure of Iris folding!

There may also be a few cute photos of my baby boy modelling a crocheted owl hat I made him!

Hope you will check back and see what I have been up to and my crafty plans for 2013!

Happy Crafting!

Christmas Crafts

I’ve managed to grab a few moments this past week to get some Christmas crafts done. Each year I alway try to make my own Christmas wreath with things from my Mum’s garden. Last year I used some corkscrew willow to make the wreath base. The trick is to do it when it is still flexible snd yhen let it dry out into the ring shape. It’s lasted 2 years so far!.

After gathering a load of greenery – mainly ivy as a base, I added some more decrative bits and pieces including some beads and a ribbon.


Last year I used those battery powered LED lights which was great but this year I went for a more natural look and the lights have been added to a vase of corkscrew willow in our fireplace.

The other craft I always try and fit in is pomanders..I think I have the name and spelling right. But it’s the orange and cloves thing! It always gets very sticky but smells lovely! I managed to get 3 done before the little one demanded my attention.


Simple but effective!

The last thing I always try to make is truffles..not had the chance yet, perhaps this weekend?!

Happy Christmas Crafting!