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My little viking <3

My beautiful boy was 6 months old yesterday – how the time has gone I have no idea!

So this is a quick post to show how quick he has grown.


A few hours old and very peaceful!


Still looking cute now in his crochet viking hat i made him…but…


….not so peaceful!!

Love you more than you can possibly imagine my little Harry bear. Happy half birthday! xxxx


Now that Easter is over..

Hope you all had a good Easter? I can show you the little bits I made over Easter.



These were little egg cozies I made.


I also managed to made a couple of Iris Folding cards – I really like doing this but it takes a lot of time – something which is not very available with a 5 month old!

I was also the winner of a blog competition from Strawberry Mouse Crafts.


Thank you so much to Laura – the photo doesn’t do it justice – it really is beautiful.

My next post is about something that is very important to me so please please check back and then share…hopefully i will put the post up tonight.

Holly xx

A sneaky peak of Easter!

I have finally (!) finished all the owl hats.. I had quite a few to make as they were pretty popular on my facebook page (under the same name: Holly’s Creative Crafts)

So onto the next thing.. Easter!! I do know that Mother’s Day is first but as this will be my first year being a Mummy I want to spend it just being a Mummy and not worrying about any crafty orders. So Easter it is!!

I’ve had a few ideas but finally settled on one…here is a sneaky peak..


I would love to get a few more followers really…then perhaps I will do a giveaway. I feel like I am talking to myself a lot on here! Don’t be shy…say hello :o)

Owl hats!

As a bit of a side project to my main knitting project I have been making lots of owl hats for people. They have been more popular than i thought they would!



I also made this for my cat loving friend!


2013 Crafty Things and the Dreaded UFO’s

2013! Like many people I have been thinking about resolutions or promises etc for this year. I eventually came up with this:

1) Finish my join as you go Granny square blanket.


2) Try out some weaving with my new weaving frame.

3) Use my new Iris folding books. I have one for paper Iris Folding and one for Iris quilting.


4) Make some clothes for my little boy. Be that sewing or knitting or cochet, just home made!


And lastly, but the most important…

5) Be the best Mummy I can to my son.


So that is the plan! No doubt there will be other side projects on the go!

Leave a link below to your New Year plans, it would be great to know what other crafters have lined up!

A Very Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot and although few people read it, I do enjoy typing away and keeping track of my crafty things so after a bit of thinking I’ve decided to plough on with it!

I’m hoping tomorrow I can do a summary of crafty things on the go and also talk about my new found crafty adventure of Iris folding!

There may also be a few cute photos of my baby boy modelling a crocheted owl hat I made him!

Hope you will check back and see what I have been up to and my crafty plans for 2013!

Happy Crafting!