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How time has gone on!

I’m having one of those “I’ve finally sat down” moments. It’s been a while – 2 months to be precise considering my last post was about my little boy being 6 months old and he is now a cheeky 8 month old who is trying to crawl and drooling everywhere with teething!


Craft wise it’s been slow but steady progress. I have been working on a doll knitting pattern by Jean Greenhowe which I blogged about here. She is coming along steadily now but I need to speed up as she is a birthday present for my niece who’s birthday is in July. Here she is so far:




And here is her dress:




So that’s where I am with wooly stuff.


In other crafty news I have tried my hand at Fimo again and had some fun making lots of keyrings inspired by youtube videos, but here is an example:



Quite cute and fun to make..


It was also my niece’s birthday and my sister in law’s birthday so I made two different cakes:




One Fairy Castle for for a fairy!




And a jewelry box. Still can’t work out how I made both of these in one afternoon!?!?


That’s about it for now but I am about to do some draft posts on Filoxfax and also The Leather Satchel Company where my very special bag was made for me!!


Happy Crafting! 


Owl hats!

As a bit of a side project to my main knitting project I have been making lots of owl hats for people. They have been more popular than i thought they would!



I also made this for my cat loving friend!


Guess what..?!

I’ve been busy knitting away! Here is a sneaky  peak…

Any guesses as to what it is yet?! Some might recognise the pattern perhaps..

A Bit of Knitting!

I’ve not posted for a while but i have good reasons!! I have been very determined to finish off a knitted jumper for my little Harry.

I picked this pattern from ravelry as it was meant to be dead easy and knitted in one piece in garter stitch which is perfect for a knitter like me (i’m more of a crochet person…the using two needles thing still throws me!)

So being the easy jumper that it was, naturally meant that other things had to go wrong like running out of wool and then said wool  being discontinued and then trying to find matching wool which didn’t really work so then having to find a way to pass it off as “its meant to look like this…honest.” *breathe…*

So yes.. The easy jumper in all its glory is here:


See what i did with the fake stitching down the side..it marks the colour change in the wool and sort of makes it into “yes i was meant to do that.” At least that was the idea.

Its gone into my “it will do” pile and i guess the little mouse makes it look cute and my little bear WILL be wearing it tomorrow just to say he got some use out of it!!

I can’t wait to share my next project with you whih i was meant to start 6 months ago.. Slowly working my way through my “things to make” list!


2013 Crafty Things and the Dreaded UFO’s

2013! Like many people I have been thinking about resolutions or promises etc for this year. I eventually came up with this:

1) Finish my join as you go Granny square blanket.


2) Try out some weaving with my new weaving frame.

3) Use my new Iris folding books. I have one for paper Iris Folding and one for Iris quilting.


4) Make some clothes for my little boy. Be that sewing or knitting or cochet, just home made!


And lastly, but the most important…

5) Be the best Mummy I can to my son.


So that is the plan! No doubt there will be other side projects on the go!

Leave a link below to your New Year plans, it would be great to know what other crafters have lined up!

Multi tasking Mummy

To keep my sanity I have learnt how to do the important Mummy thing of multi tasking.

My little (not so little really…he appears to have elongingated during the night and his triusets now look like shorts) is a whole 7 weeks old! So its time to attempt knitting with baby!

I chose a simple pattern from ravelry and chose the next size up…just incase! So far all is going well!


Not a bad start although I think I might run out of wool.

Time for a break..


Hot chocolate for Mummy..


Warm milk for the little one!

Long may my new skill of multi tasking Mummy last!

It’s a baby boy!


Well,we found out we are having a baby boy! Very excited! He will be referred to on here as Little H 🙂

In crafting news i’ve been ploughing on with a hat for Little H, it’s my firsts attempt at using circular needles, knitting in the round and using the magic circle method, i’m not one to do things a step at a time!

I have also just made this for our new neighbours:


I’ve also been doing lots of scrapbooking which has been nice.

Now we know that Little H is a little boy i really want to knit a scarecrow for him. Remember these?


I’m lucky enough to have an original copy of the pattern. For those who read my blog you will all know what a challenge this will be as my brain doesn’t really comprehend knitting! I will keep you updated with all the disasters my progress! Has anyone made the scarecrows before?

Happy crafting!
Holly and Little H in bump form!