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How time has gone on!

I’m having one of those “I’ve finally sat down” moments. It’s been a while – 2 months to be precise considering my last post was about my little boy being 6 months old and he is now a cheeky 8 month old who is trying to crawl and drooling everywhere with teething!


Craft wise it’s been slow but steady progress. I have been working on a doll knitting pattern by Jean Greenhowe which I blogged about here. She is coming along steadily now but I need to speed up as she is a birthday present for my niece who’s birthday is in July. Here she is so far:




And here is her dress:




So that’s where I am with wooly stuff.


In other crafty news I have tried my hand at Fimo again and had some fun making lots of keyrings inspired by youtube videos, but here is an example:



Quite cute and fun to make..


It was also my niece’s birthday and my sister in law’s birthday so I made two different cakes:




One Fairy Castle for for a fairy!




And a jewelry box. Still can’t work out how I made both of these in one afternoon!?!?


That’s about it for now but I am about to do some draft posts on Filoxfax and also The Leather Satchel Company where my very special bag was made for me!!


Happy Crafting!